chat privately.

Whisper it!

Some conversations should never be saved. Whisper with friends and they will disappear after they are read. Whisper it, read it, and move on.

Download & Go

Enjoy the benefits of having an account without the hassle of creating one. Simply download the app, invite your friends and start chatting.

Total Privacy

Every conversation is between you and your friends. There is no cloud to hack because messages are never stored in the cloud.

Be Yourself

Don’t even want a local record of your conversation? Whisper with friends and watch messages disappear after they are read; forever.


and live in the moment

or message and keep it forever


How Bleep compares with other messaging apps

What people say about Bleep?

Travis R.

Great App.. Encrypted, Decentralized.. What more could you want?

Nate Hess

Software Engineering at it's finest. If you haven't read the blog post on this app then you need too. Once you see how it works your gonna want it. Most secure messaging I've seen yet.


Amazing! I'm very grateful to bittorrent inc. that they are working on P2P messaging that includes voice calls.